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Welcome to AlAssil Arabians,

The bloodlines of our Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses trace back to the horses that once ran free in the deserts of Egypt and were later registered and selected according to their individual qualities by Abbas Pasha, one of the old rulers of Egypt. One of the most important attributes of these Bedouin horses was their character and the ability to build a relationship between man and horse.

“AlAssil” means “purity” and “originality”, which provided the inspiration to name our stud “AlAssil Arabians”. In the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, the zigzag shape that is part of our logo represented water as a sign of life. We are located in the very north of Germany, a stone’s throw from the Baltic sea, in midst an oasis of peace and nature, where your eyes can follow the setting sun along the horizon. Walking across the wide pastures, our horses will follow you closely, curious to know how you are feeling. Listening to the snoring of my horses makes me feel very close to each of their hearts. The happiness of my horses takes priority for me over any breeding program.

As a breeder, my ambition is to provide each and every foal with the best possible start in life, beginning with their first minute, in order for them to become wonderful partners for life. Our breeding program was started by Dobimar von Kameke in 1967 at Gut Grabau, near Bad Oldesloe in northern Germany, with two mares of Weil-Marbach bloodlines. One representative of the historical W-line, Wanessa by Ibn Jamil out of Wasama by Mashour, tracing back to Winette, continues to maintain the excellent riding qualities and movements of our horses to this day. Straight Egyptian mares, such as Imperial Kalatifa, the mother of World-Championess Loubna, were later added to the breeding program. Moreover, beautiful Mar-Halla by Imperial Imdal out of Mar-Bilaah gave us her unique daughter Mar-Hiba (National Championess 2011) by Hafid Jamil. Likewise, the tender character of AA Halima, a Halim Shah grand daughter by Orfan Bey out of  Raadin Miryah by Serr Pashah, never fails to capture her audience’s admiration.

All our horses possess individual beauty and their qualities are not solely measured in titles and ribbons – their real value you will find when you look deep into their eyes. If you would like to experience the horses of AlAssil Arabians, we warmly invite you to make an appointment to visit us in Friedensthal.

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We also invite you to spend your holidays or a long weekend with your horse and/or dog in the guesthouses of AlAssil Oase, which opened in 2012 to create a place for relaxation and recovery. This can also be combined with expanding your knowledge and improving your competencies with the courses and seminars provided by AlAssil Essenz. AlAssil Bazar complements this with a vast selection of show and riding equipment, available online as well as in store.

We look forward to welcoming you.